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Fortnite is a game were you can decide between 3 modes.

Battle Royale

In the battle royale mode,there is a total of 100 players including yourself where you win by being the last one standing.You build by collecting resources or destroying structures.You can level up by getting experience;by eliminating people,getting placed and get a Victory royale.Also you cant just stay in the same place because theres a strom so you have to head to the save zone which its a circle.


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Save the world

In Save the world is where you have to save the world from zombies,you do mission in order to unlock new weapons and leveling up.You also have to protect yourself and the people you rescue,so you have to build a base,expand its shield so you have to eliminate the zombies in the storm.


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Creative mode is where you can practive your aim and build in your on island where only you friend could join it.If you just want to have some fun you can build whatever you want with infinite resources.


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