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My Favorite Winter Activities

My top 5 favorite Things to do In the Winter

My favorite thing to do in the winter is snowboard. I like to snowboard with my family and friends. I love going to Terry Peak to snowboard, but I can also do it at my house. I got a snowboard for Christmas, and I use it all the time!


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My second favorite thing to do in the winter is Ice skating. Every year for 4H, we host party at our dam and all the neighbors come and skate with us. It is very fun and something I always look forward to.


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My third favorite thing to do in the winter is sledding! I love to go sledding with our snowmobile, but it is also fun to go sledding down our hill in the back yard.Sledding is so fun beause when you go down the hill you feel the snow run up your face and you feel like your heart skipped a beat from the exitment!


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Almost all winter activites are fun, but my fourth favorite out of all of them is building a snow fort. I have been told that I'm very creative and so I enjoy designing a snowfort. I build atleast 3 every year, and I always enjoy the help I get from my brothers, cousins, and friends. I make tunnels, caves, slides and stairs, chairs and snowballs and even shelves!

My last and final winter activitiy is having a snowball fight. I put this activity in last because I don't like gettting hit in the face because I get really cold! Other than that, I love snowball fights and hitting my brothers and friends. It's an extiting activity and I recommend it to all kids.

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