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What Athletes are Doing During the Anthem

Kneeling during the Anthem

" 4 more 49ers kneel during the National Anthem before game vs. Panthers" from

After Steph Curry's complaints about Trump, the President announced that the Warriors aren't invited to the White House.

Lately, Trump has been big on sports. First, he said that players in the NFL that are kneeling are fired. Then, after Trump said that the Warriors aren't going to the White House, LeBron James called him a bum on Twitter. So that means that Trump has an answer to everything. But the NBA said that players aren't going to kneel during the anthem. But some NBA teams, such as the Thunder and the Knicks, are locking arms instead. The Steelers are just staying in the tunnel during the anthem, instead of kneeling or locking arms.

Texans kneeling during the anthem


My Opinion

Here is my opinion on this topic

If I was a professional athlete, I would be standing during the National Anthem because I am a proud U.S. citizen. If I was a NFL player, I would also stand during the anthem because if Trump means what he says, you could be in big trouble. But if I had a choice, I would kneel because I have the Freedom of Speech, which means that I have the right to say whatever I want.

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