Past Preformaces

Yuzuru skated and won gold at the 2004 Japan Novice Championships in the Novice B category, in the 2006-2007 season, Yuzuru won the bronze medal at the 2006 Japan Novice Championships in the Novice A category. He won bronze medal in the 2006 Japan Novice championships, that earned him an invitation to compete at the 2006-2007 Japan Junior Championships, which he then placed 7th.

Yuzuru Hanyu was withdrawn from both of his Grand Prix figure skating events due to a right ankle ligament injury during practice. At the Cup of China free skate, Yuzuru and another skater crashed into each other. During the collison, Yuzuru's neck, chin, and face were cut and bleeding. He stayed in the competion even after the crash and falling five times, he managed to win Silver.

Yuzuru holding Winnie the Pooh tissue box
Image from @catzuru4A on Twitter

Winnie The Pooh

Supporters and fans in 2010 noticed that Yuzuru was hold a box of tissues with a Winnie the Pooh logo on it, they decided to make it a custom that after his performances that they would throw Pooh bears on the ice. Winnie the Pooh has also been a good luck charm/sign for Yuzuru. With all the Pooh bears, Yuzuru donates them to children in the area surrounding whatever arena hosted the bear shower. When the Pooh bears are thrown, it's also called a Pooh Rain.

Video of a Pooh Rain
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