Snakes and frogs

I really like frogs and snakes i find them very cute and in my opinion there amazing creatures. I think there very strange and amazing in there own ways kinda of how the snakes move around its amazing and how fast frogs are at grabbing the bugs and eating them. I think there also adorable alot of people hate them cause there freaky and weird but i think thats what makes them amazing. and frogs most of the time are harmless and snakes mostly bite when you scare them or get near there home.

"Frog" by sailorbill is licensed under CC BY 2.0

and snakes kill rodents and make the rodents in the world more balanced and other animals to.they also are pretty smart with there hunting skills and warnings and there very cute in my opinion one time my brother picked up a snake he didnt want to release it cause he likes snakes to but we did i touched it a little and snakes have a amazing way of traveling and make almost so noise when they do move around and frogs are adorable in my opinion cause they are green which is one of my favorite colors and i like how they hop and ribbit

"Rat Snake" by mbarrison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

heres some images of frogs and snakes hope you like them as much as i liked them its ok if not tho.

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