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Steam, being one of the main sources of video games on PC, there is a lot of variety. PC is generally just better when it comes to gaming, but does not have some of the perks that consoles have, such as some major exclusives like honestly every Nintendo game, Halo, and Uncharted. PC is generally more consistant and, but PCs are not just for gaming, like consoles, meaning that they are more prone to viruses and can be heavily damaged by them.


While it is true that a console does not have all of the perks that a PC has like nearly instant acess to websites like google, multiple monitors for easy acess to other tabs, and a keyboard to more controlls, it is also true that consoles are purely made for playing video games most of the time. Sometimes, however, there is that odd one out that one of it's main presentations is focused on watching television on the console that is hooked up on a television. Sometimes console developers make big mistakes such as that one.

Nintendo's Pros and Cons

Nintendo is the company that saved console video games back in the crash that almost whiped them off of the face of the Earth. They have been around for almost 130 years, and today, they make constantly great video games with some of the best mascots in gaming, including Mario, Link, and Pikachu. This is great and all, but Nintendo very constantly lack third party support and is not as in tune with the modern age as other companies.

Sony's Pros and Cons

Sony is a company that can adapt to almost any situation and has projects and connections in most everything that is technology related. They even own or at least to own superheroes like Spiderman, however, the fact that they are busy with other things and have to copy other companies takes them down. Not only is it inconsiderate, but it also causes their attempt at coppying consoles to be terrible.

Microsoft's Pros and Cons

Microsoft has a lot of connections with technology like Windows. They have a lot of smaller companies owned by them, but a lot of them are not doing great right now. Either way, Microsoft has more than enough money to get them through, however, they do not have many exclusives on their console, the only major one being the Halo series. Most of the games on the consoles are also on other systems like the Playstation and PC.

Video Game Mascots


Mario Mario


Most popular video game mascot.


Sack Boy Sack Boy



Somewhat well known video game mascot.


Master Chief Master Chief


Top 20 video game mascots.

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  1. Nintendo
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  3. Microsoft

Third Party Developers

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