Types of Ants

  1. Camponotus ants

  2. Camponotus ants are your normal everyday ants that you would find in NorthAmerica. They usually have normal sized bodys and travle in groups of 3-4.

  3. solenopsis ants

  4. solenopsis ants are the tiny little ants that youll see occasionally see on the sidewalk. Normally they send scouts to scout out the area to mak sure the nest is safe.

  5. elates/queens

  6. All queens normally start out as elates wich are basically flying female queens. If you are an antfarmer(such as myself)you can go out on a day after a thunderstorm or showers youll most likely see a big group of elates ready to take flight outside their nests. This is called a nuptial flight when the elates try to find a mate to keep their colony thriving. After elates nest they would soon loose their wings and start a new colony.

  7. formica/tropical

  8. Formica ants wich are also known as tropical ants. Are usally found in tropical areas or moist and we areas. Formica nats are usally bright colored. Here are some different types of formica ants, Honeypot, Fire, yellow weavers, and some carpenter ants are all tropical or part of the formica family.

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