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Why its good to play sports

lots of people do sports because there parents are making you and you probly hate your parents for it. But there doing somthing good for you. I'll tell you why.
How many friends have you made playing sports? I know I have made a lot. Just think of how many times you were just sitting on the couch watching tv but then your mom yells at you to get ready for football or baseball or whatever sport you play, and you get to go work hard and get in shape but you aslo get to go have fun with your friends or go make new friends.
Theres a lot of reason people do sports but the most common reason is staying in shape! Being healthy in life is super important, your body will produce good if you feed it good but if you feed it bad you will produce bad. When i have games i eat eathly the night before, maybe i eat a salad insted of a chees burger. i know that if i didnt play sports i would not eat very healthy i like junk food but sports have tought me that that stuff is not good for your body.

What sports to play

Theres a lot of awesome sports to play, I play baseball, hockey, and football. My favroite is baseball, I have been playing baseball my hole life ever seince I could walk and it never gets boring for me. I make new friends every year a lot of my cloest friends have been on my baseball team for almost 6 years now.
Sports are great because a lot of the time there always a sport for you, if your on the bigger size football is a great sport for you, I'm not big but i love football because you get to hit people. I also play football to stay in shape, you sweat a lot in football, but I sweat even more in hockey. Hockey is probly one of the hardest sports to get good at, i say this because you have to learn how to skate and how to keep you head up and handle a puck, or else you get hit. baseball is the colmest sport I play but definlty not the easist, baseball is hard you have to hit a small ball going 70-100 mph depends on how old you are. No sport is easy and every sport takes still and hard work but nothing is imposible to pick up.


basesball and bat
baseball as been a sport for a long time every sence 1840, the american sport people call it. Baseball is played with 2 teams. There are 4 base on the ground 1st 2cd 3rd then home, your goal is to start at home and run all around the bases back to home without getting out. Baseball is a great sport because no matter your shape ot size you can be really good at the sport.


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football has been a sport sence 1892, also called an american sport because of how many people watch it. football is a really fun sport if you love being phyiscal. being big is a advante in this sport but there are so many poshitions in football. Size doesent always matter.