Survivor Tutorial

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Early Game and Generators

1.look around for fellow survivors. 2. Find a generator and start working on it. 3. If you have the perk spine chill don't be alarmed if it goes off for a small moment because spine chill activates when a killer is looking in your direction and not necessarily if he/she is looking at you. 4. Look around while you are doing a generator for it might be a stealth killer like Ghostface or Michael Myers (The Shape.) 5. Before the killer checks the generator you are on make an escape plan for if he/she comes. 6. If you hear the killer's terror radious while doing a generator pay more attention while looking around, if you are in the open he/she might see you and start a chase with you, but if you hear a faint terror radius the killer could either be chasing another survivor or searcing for a survivor. 7. If you hear a skill check notification, be ready to hit the appropriate button in the skill check zone, if you miss a skill check of any kind the killer will be alerted to your position,(unless you are using a perk that silences missed skill checks.) 8. Hitting great skill checks gives the generator you are working an additional 1% repair progress, as great healing skill checks grants the survivor an additional 5% increase in healing progress.



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The picture above is a pallet, pallets are tools for survivors to escape chases. By pressing the interaction button survivors can throw down a pallet blocking the killer's path. Dropping a pallet wastes the killer's time because he/she has to either break the pallet or try to mindgame you into walking into them. You can vault a pallet as much as you want and The Entity won't block it. If you drop a pallet on a killer he/she will be stunned for a base of 2 seconds allowing to to get to a loop or to another pallet. Pallets are valuable tools but they are also limited don't waste safe pallets by dropping them immeadiatley because it could get you and/or your teammates killed later in the trial.

Vaults and safe pallets

If you want to loop the killer at a safe pallet you will want to hug the wall as you are running (but don't overdo it because sticking to the wall too much could make your survivor stop for a second and get injured/downed by the killer) because it will waste more of the killer's time and give you more room to drop a pallet on them. For L and T walls there is much more to chance, to get a fast vault you need to get a small running start to the vault, if not the survivor will do a slower version of it and the killer has the opportunity to grab you and more time to lunge and hit you. While at the L and T walls be wary of moonwalking (moonwalking is where the killer walks backwards to hide their red stain so they can get the jump on you) you should utilize third person to see where the killer is going and if they are moonwalking. If the killer hits you at the L and T walls use the injured speed boost to get to a pallet or if there is none left, go to a hiding place if you have the Jake Park teachable perk called Iron Will, otherwise the killer will hear your survivor because they are injured. To get the full value of the killer shack use the vault three times and then drop shack pallet for a more in-depth tutorial for looping killers lots of usefull guides can be found on

Hex Totems and Boon Totems

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Hex totems are perks that killers can bring to the trial, Hexes give different debuffs to survivors when brought to the trial. Survivors that find hex totems can cleanse them if they dedicate some of their time. The new survivor Mikaela Reid has the ability to bless hex totems and dull totems with two of her new teachable perks, Boon:Circle of Healing and Boon:Shadowstep.

Good Survivor Perks to Unlock and Equip

Dead Hard is a good perk because if it is used right it gives you a second chance against the killer. Sprint Burst is also a good perk to trick the killer and waste their time you can walk/stand still until the killer is close enough to lunge and hit you and when they try you use sprint burst and quickly get away wasting the killer's time. Lithe is a good perk but it is triggered by fast vaulting and has less time on the speed boost. Adrenaline is a good perk because it heals you one health state when the last generator is completed and gives you a five second speed boost, this perk can also be used with survive with friends because they can hold on completing a generator until the right moment so you can use adrenaline to the fullest, another use is when you are downed adrenaline still triggers and you can get up off the ground and run to the exit gate where your teammates are there probably 99ing it (99ing something is when you get something that is usually the exit gate at 99 percent done so you can open it or use it later.)Iron Will is a good perk that completly silences the survivor from grunts/cries of pain(Survivors will still scream) Iron Will allows the survivor to hide from the killer much better as the killer won't hear you. Borrowed Time is a perk that counters camping and tunneling,(tunneling is when a killer goes after the same survivor after they just got unhooked so that they can kill that survivor faster.) Borrowed Time activates when you or another survivor that has BT, BT gives the unhooked person an extra hit point to discourage the killer from tunneling them. Unbreakable is an anti-slugging perk (slugging is when a killer downs a survivor and doesen't pick the downed survivor up, this usually happens because the killer sees another survivor that they can down before picking up the downed survivor) that allows the survivor to recover 25% faster and to revive themselves once per trial (trial means game). Soul Guard is an anti-slugging and camping perk, when revived from the dying state you are given the endurance status effect, (endurance gives you an extra hitpoint in exchange for you mending later) Soul Guard also allows you to revive yourself when being affected by a hex totem. The last perk I reccomend is Decisive Strike, it is an anti-tunneling perk that activates after you have been unhooked and if a killer picks you up after being recently hooked you will have to complete a small skill check which stuns the killer allowing you to escape.

Exit Gate

I do not recommend opening the exit gate right away as this could kill your teamates. Opening an exit gate starts something called the endgame collapse where the trial starts ending and at the end of the timer located at the top of the screen The Entity will just straight up kill all remaining survivors in the trial. So be careful before opening the exit gate because this could cause your teamates to rush to the exit gate and get caught and now you can't save them because of the endgame collapse. A good method to counter the endgame collapse is to 99 the gates so you can just open them immeadiatley when all survivors are ready.


I hope this guide helps you win at survivor, thanks for reading!