Rocking Reptiles

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This amazing specimen is a baby corn snake he is only one of the many wonderful species of snake in the more diverse world of Reptiles. There are thousands of different Reptiles to find. If you want to become a true Reptile lover you need to know some fun facts.

Green iguanas become immobile when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Since they often like to sit in trees, when the weather in places where they live, like South Florida, gets very cold they have been known to drop out of trees. Some reptiles that eat plants and lack the teeth to chew them swallow rocks to aid in the digestion of this plant matter. Here are some fun facts about reptiles.

    strange facts

  1. crocodiles sweat through their mouths
  2. nearly all lay shelled eggs
  3. snakes smell with their tounge
  4. tortisies circuled the moon before we did
  5. they are found everywhere exept antartica

    interesting facts

  1. bearded dragon have a defensive chin
  2. gekos can lose their tail and then regrow it
  3. there are 700 spices of venomas snakes
  4. chemelions dont change colors
  5. most are cold bloode
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