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Tips To Be A Better Musician

Learn how to make nice sounding music

Make a good beat

Most songs(discluding acapella) usually always need a beat. In most genres like hip hop and dubstep, the quality of the beat is a lot of the song. The beat can make a song so much better. To make a good beat without any professional skill, use something like the IOS app Garage Band or some music app like that. Garage band has lots of beat styles, from pop, to hip hop to rock.


from John, at Flickr.com, CC-BY-SA

Make your style of the song

You can have any style that sounds good, you could make your song sad, joyful, dark, whatever you want! Your beat should have to do with the song, and you should also listen to the beat while you make the song. This will make it so that you can make the song fit the style of the beat. If you have a good joyful beat, you should make a happy song, if you have a fast beat, you should make a fast paced song.

Making things people will listen to

You should make your song so that it has a style that everybody likes. Dont make a style that only one person likes, add styles that everybody likes, so more people will listen to your music. You should make it so the song is also the right speed. If you make your song to slow, than that is not really a good thing. If it is too fast and you are not a rapper with the talent of that exact genre, than nobody is going to understand it!

Writing your music

There are many attributes that comes into writing the music. But the style has alot to do with writing it. If you have a joyful song, you should probobly write happy lyrics, if you have a upset song, you should write sad music. You should make it hit people and that they can relate to the music too


from Fred Merchán,Flickr.com, CC-BY-SA

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