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My Top Favorite Charcaters

  • Rock Lee
  • Kakashi
  • Naruto
  • Guy
  • Gara
  • Itachi
  • Why Are These all of my favorites

    Rock Lee

    Lee is my favorite charachter because I like how he always looks to the bright side of things. Rock Lee is always wanting to be better, He always wants to protect his beloved Sakura. Another reason why I like Rock Lee is because he is one of the best ninjas around. I like the attack of his called leaf hurricane. That is why I like him.


    is also one of my favorites because I like how he is a sensei to me her is one of the best sensei's out there. Another reason why I like him is because he is a copy ninja his power is super great because he has the ability to do the same attack anyone else could do. But the main reason why I like him is because he has the "SHARINGAN" the sharingan is a attack that has something to do with your eyes it makes you faster and it makes you wayyyy more aware of things than you were before


    Naruto is my favorite because he is one of the strongest out there. Naruto is the nine taled fox and the nine taled fox is the thing that almost ended the Leaf village. The nine taled fox is the spirit that lives inside of Naruto When Naruto gets mad he summons the Nine . taled fox's chakra thats what makes him the strongest


    Guy is also one of the strongest sensei's out there he trains Rock Lee. When Guy is doing something with Kakashi he always turns what there doing into a competition. The main reason why I like Guy because he taught Rock Lee his attack called leaf hurricane.


    Gara is also one of the strongest shinobi he is from the village hidden in the sand. Gara was borned the one taled shukaku. When gara was born people feared him, people thought of him as a monster because of the spirit that is inside of him. When gara was a kid he had no friends and he had noone to connect to. Gara carries sand on his back and the sand protects him no matter what even Rock Lee himself could'nt beat him because of the sand that he carries on his back. When Gaara fought Rock Lee Gaara broke Rock Lee's leg's. He is very very powerful.


    Itachi is Sasuke's brother Itachi slaughters his own family. When Itachi was a bit younger he was one of the strongest clan members in his clan. I do not like Itachi because of how he is.