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By: Aiden L


Naruto is a TV show. He is a ninja and he will soon become hokage. Naruto has lives in the leaf village his village is very strong. In his village they have many shinobi, Shinobi are advanced ninja's. The leaf village are allie's with the sand village.


Saskue is in the TV show naruto Saskue is part of the uchiha clan wich was killed by his brother. Saskue is a really good warrior.


Kakashi is naruto's Sensei he is a Sensei he helps naruto become stronger and faster. Kakashi is also the one who teach's naruto new jutu's.


Sakura is part of the squad. Sakura is really good with charkra she is the person who keeps Naruto and Sasuke for arguing she also goes on missions with them she is not very useful because she is not very strong she is usually scared when it comes to fighting she is usually the one to sit back and just watch but she is a really good teamate because she helps them and when they are down she protects them with her life, she also helps heal them.