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My Favorite Animals


Polar Bears

My most favorite animals are polar bears. I like them because they are enchanting, thanks to their white fur. But actually, polar bears have transparent fur. It's the sun that makes their fur look white. Polar bear cubs are also adorable because they look like snowballs.

Photo by Alan D. Wilson from Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons licenses



Chipmunks are adorable. Their small bodies make them even more adorable and their stripes bring out their uniqueness. I see them in my backyard, sometimes, and everytime I can't help but say "awww." I'm pretty sure you would, too.

Photo from Needpix.com. Creative Commons licenses.



I like dogs because there are so many amazing and unique breeds. Dogs are also like family and you can teach them commands. My favorite breed is the Greyhound because they can run fast and they are pretty common.

Photo from Pixabay. Creative Commons licenses

My Favorite Foods



My first favorite food are noodles because there are many types of noodles. There are buckwheat noodles, glass noodles, and so much more! You can put these noodles in a soup and that's a noodle soup. My favorite noodle soup is spicy seafood noodle soup because I love seafood. Seafood and noodles are such a great combination.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons licenses.



Another one of my favorite foods are dumplings. I love dumplings because there is a variety of size, shape, and filling. The inside can be filled with meat or vegetable or whatever you want. I like the big dumplings because when you eat them right away the meat is warm in your mouth and the outside is warm in your hands.

Photo from Needpix.com. Creative Commons licenses.



Bread all around is one of my favorite "snack" foods. There are so many types of bread out in the world and I want to try them. I've tried many types of bread and one of my favorites are garlic bread. I love garlic bread because I just like that saltly taste on flavorless bread. The garlic takes away some of the saltiness and it's just wonderful.

Photo from Pikist.com. Creative Commons licenses.

My Hobbies



I love to read! My favorite genres are realistic fiction, fantasy, and books that take place in the future. It's so fun to read other people's imaginations and I get inspired to write stories. When you read you can enter new worlds and get new knowledge. Reading helps you in many ways and there are so many books in the world.

Photo from Pxfuel.com. Creative Commons licenses.



I like to sew in my free time. I love making things and sewing is one way to make things. Usually I make little pillows because they are easy to make. But, sometimes I make stuffed animals. My stuffed animals aren't that great, though. Anyways, sewing is a great way to pass time, when you have nothing to do. It's just that you need the supplies.

Photo from Flickr.com. Creative Commons licenses.



Drawing is another hobby that I enjoy. I can't draw that well but I love to draw cartoon figures of the things happening around me. I like how when you draw, you can also color the things you draw. It's a two in one! I don't draw that often but when I do, I like to draw things that'll bring smiles and laughter to my family.

Photo from Pxhere.com. Creative Commons licenses.

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