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As many of you know we are all in quarantine with not much to do. Many of you must be bored. What do we do after all of our school work is done? Let tell you a secret, I get bored too during these times, but I get over that bordom with a few things that may help you today. Hope you stay!

What I do during qurantine

During Qurantine I do a lot of things that include, going out side for walks, Playing bord games with family, playing with my rabbit, and many other things. I hope you will learn something that will help with your bordom.

Family Games

There are many family games to play, but you will tell you some really fun made up games to play.

 family games

stephanie overton Creativecommons.org CC BY-ND


Crafts are a fun thing to do when you have all your work done and your family doesn't. This helped me get over my bordom for a few hours.


Suziesparkle CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 creativecommons.org

These are some ideas on what to do during this wonderful time in quarantine. I hope that these will help you and that you all have a wonderful time.