Top Horror RPG Recommended

This is a website where you can find a list of the most mainstream or recommended horror games.

(All horror games listed are not in a specific order.)


  1. IB - A puzzle game, about a girl stuck in the museum paitings and her life source is a rose, there is many ways that you can end up changing the ending for Ib, to find more go to: IB Fandom
  2. Ao Oni - Another puzzle and finding game, you're with a group of friends in a haunted house, but there is a blue monster chasing you at some points, to find more information go to: Ao Oni Fandom
  3. Yume Nikki - surreal psychological horror adventure game, where the main character (Madotsuki) is in her dreams, and you will get to experience the surreal and distrubing scenes, to find more information, go to: Yume_Nikki Fandom
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