How The Canoes were made


Step 1

First the natives would find a tree that fit their needs this tree was usually a cedar or a redwood tree. They would then proceed to cut an angle in the tree, and because that took so much work they would then set a fire inside the tree. Eventually the fire would burn all the way through the trunk and the tree would fall.

Step 2

The Natives would then proceed to to remove and strip off all of the bark, after the bark was removed they would place the log over a fire or over several fires (depending on how long it was) just high enough to not get burnt. They would do this so they could dry out the log. If they did't dry out the log it would eventually soak up enough water and sink to the bottom of the river.

Step 3

They would then proceed to carve the hull of the canoe so it was the right shape to glide through the water, this would help them to be able to travel faster through the water and it would require less effort to get from place to place in the canoe.

Step 4

The Natives would then proceed to use controlled fires on top of the log, after the fire had been moved to another part of the log they would use tools to scrape off the burnt area in the log. This would make a very efficient and much much easier way to hollow out the logs, they would repeat this process until the canoe was the desired depth and width.

Step 5

Then the Native Americans would proceed to retrieve the tribes chosen person to decorate the canoe and to put images on the canoes that meant sometihng to the tribe. This was a very important job and whoever had this job was held in high respesct