I was interested in the way they made such large canoes, some of which were around 40-50 feet in length. I learned that the indians would first start by finding a really large and long tree, they would usually use cedar trees or red wood trees depending on where they lived, because of how large and straight the trees usually are. The natives would cut down the tree by using blades to cut a angled mouth in the tree, then they would proceed to light a fire in the tree to burn the inside so it took less time because cutting the angle in the tree took a long time already. After that they would strip the bark from the canoe so it was no longer in the way (they would use this bark for other things like to make clothing). Then they would put the canoe or log over several fires just high enough not to get burnt. They would do this to dry out the log so when they used it as a canoe it wouldn’t absorb water and sink to the bottom of the river, which would obviously not make a very useful or good boat if it’s at the bottom of a river or even the ocean. The Native Americans would then proceed to shape the hull of the canoe and the ends to make it glide easily through the water. After they shaped it the way they wanted it to be shaped they would proceed to first use controlled fires to burn a certain area of the tree and after they would scrape off all of the charred remains of the burnt out area. They would continue to burn and scrape out the log until it was hollow. This could take between a couple of weeks to a couple ofmonths depending on how large the canoe was going to be. After the canoe was the desired size shape and fit. Native american canoes could be as large as 150 feet in length and 7 feet wide being able to keep afloat around 60 people and some of their belongings. After the Native Americans were finished creating their canoe they would paint it and carve into designs to represent their tribes or their clans or just to make it colorful and a nice piece to look at. Also in northeast culture, they would assign a person to paint or design the canoe and only that person and their offspring was aloud to design or shape the canoes. If you were assigned to this duty you were greatly honored and respected. The Native Americans would usually put symbols or pictures on the canoes that meant something to either them or their tribe or maybe even just their family. Some of these might be: their spirit animal, their clan or tribes symbol or maybe something to show respect to past ancestors.