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A Little About Me...

My name is Edith and I am 57 years old. I have been making candles for about 55 years. My mom got me into the love of making candles. She showed me how to make candles when I was 2. After making my first candle I fell in love with it. I use unique sents and a unique kind of wax. I post once a week about the new candle I made that week.

How to Make a Candle for Begginers


Making Candles is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS task. Please wear heat protecting gloves. The wax will burn you! Making candles is extremly easy. First you need to collect the wax, you can use any wax. You can use crayons or paraffin wax. I prefer to use celebrities ear wax. The type of wax I use, is what makes my candles so popular. After you choose your wax, you need to melt the wax. I melt my wax in the microwave, but you can melt it over an open flame if you want. After the wax is melted, you need to add sents. You can use so many different sents, because I use earwax I need a stronger sent. My favorite sent to use is Nerds, like the candy! Next you need to add the wick to an empty candle container before you pour the wax. Then you need to pour the wax into the container with the wick. Next you need to secure the wick at the bottom of the container with the wax. Depending how long the wick is, you may need to cut it. Before the wax melts you need to add color to make it appealing. Next you leave the candle to harden for 2 days.

Everything You Will Need to Make a Candle

  1. Wax
  2. Heating Device
  3. Sents
  4. Empty Container
  5. Wick
  6. Color
  7. Air

My Candle Making Kit

Recent Candle

Mariah Candley

Sent- Apple Pie

Color- Purple

How Big- 2in x 1/2in

Price- $132.00

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