Lack of Arts Programs In Howard County Schools.


As an art kid I participated in band, and many choral programs. It was always so sad whenever I had learned that the program was shutting down because there was a lack of money and funding for it. The school didn't have much money to keep many things in school. So they had to cut down on some programs. The first program they ever cut was the music program. If they didn't cut the program, they would take specific and necessary equipment. For example; instrumets, music stands, and music sheets. I honestly think that it is a problem.

Addressing the Problem

The budget cuts were such a big issue in school. They would cut the music program, or music equipment. I think that it's a really big problem because there are many kids that are musically gifted but they can't express themselves. The choir room, and band room gives them an open space where they can express themselves. Also, the music space is somewhere that all people of different race and gender go to do something that they all love. The school wanting to cut these programs means that all of that will be gone. There's no space for poeple to express themselves, even if to save money the school board takes away some instruments and music stands. We need a way to raise money for the music and arts department.

Why Are The Arts So Necessary?


This picture wasn't taken by me. It was taken by Mrs. Abby Lizaola.


Yes the school board cutting the music and arts programs or some necessary equipment is horrible. But that doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it. We can hold fundraisers to raise money for the different clubs and programs that have something to do with the music and arts. We can put on pep rallies just like the sports community does and put on a show to let everyone know how awesome the music department is. In Middle School we had band boosters that would give us money so that we could get school equipment and travel. Howard County Schools that are getting their music programs cut should really have some band boosters to raise some money for them. In order to get boosters you need to show how amazing the music department really is! You can put on shows for parents and kids, and then they'll be your boosters. Last but not least we can raise awareness that music class isn't just an extra class, like most people see it. It's actually a class full of diversity and uniqueness. Isn't that what Howard County is all about? Together we can save our music department!


The picture was taken by me, but the picture is a drawing made by my mother.