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Deer and Elk

Have you ever saw an Deer or an Elk in the wilderness and you wanted to know more. There is a lot to learn about Deer and Elk. There one of the most hunted creatures in the United States.They also in certain spots in the world. You won't find a Deer or Elk in New York City. So if you keep reading you will find the natural behavores of the Deer or Elk and find out where they are the most common at in the world.

you can find out alot about the Deer and Ek in the United States. I bet that you didn't know that there are four diffrent type of deer. The whitetail the Mule deer the Blacktail deer and the Couse deer all the big Deer live on an Island in Utah but there not whitetails on this Island it is only mule deer.


By: Howcheng,Wikimedia.com-CC-BY

In my mind I am facinated the most with mule deer. I like the way that there antlers grow the biggest than all the deer. I also like that they will look at you alot longer that a whitetail deer or a blacktail deer.

There also is Three diffrent types of Elk in America. The Rockey Moutain Elk. The Rossevelt Elk and the tule elk. They all have very simaler behaviors but have diffrent size antlers.


Tony Hisgett Flicker.com CC-BY