To start off, my favorite animal is a cat. They are just so fuzzy and cute. Not to mention soft, too....
A taby cat with green eyes, stariing direct at the camera
Sbringer, pixabay.com, CC0
My favorite hobby is reading books. Although I like it indoors,too, I find it relaxing reading a book near a lake in a breezy day. If inside, then I would like to read a book, sitting near a window, when it's pouring. In both places, though, theere will always be music. It just helps me to better work my brain and imagine as I read.
Stack off books on the shelf

Karolina Grabowska, pixabay.com CC0

Lastly, my favorite dessert is rich, chocolate ice cream, with lots of sprinkles on top. I know that's so childish, but that's me. And I'm pretty sure evryone of us has one thing in them that defines that they're still a "child".
A bowl of chocolate ice cream

Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0