Why We Should Expand The Robert. L .Craig School

More Supplies

We should expand the school because we can fit more supplies to make our learning better. We can get microscopes for science, scientific calculators for math, more books for language arts, and globes and maps for social studies. We can also use more mediums for art, instruments for music, more programming tools for tech, and more sports options in gym.

We Have A LOT of Land


LOL (lots of land)

As you can see, we have plenty of land. We can easily take out the baseball field because we rarely use it.We can also get rid of the parking by the gym. There is already par king on the side of the gym. we can add a lot more rooms and more rooms can also mean more supplies and more clubs like I said before.Lastly, if you are wondering how much it will be and how we will raise this money, Click here.

Summary of The Plans

In conclusion, we can expand the school. We can get more land to make bigger classrooms and get more supplies. Like I said before, it will cost a lot of money. If you would like to see it again, Click here. So, we have everything covered in this website. I hope that you will consider expanding the school.