Weirdest story ever.

Once upon a time there was an apple named pear. One day it was running to the ice cream truck and was run over by a taxi. Years later it was reincarnated as an apple tree. Let's just name this apple tree Elppa, and so Elppa had to endure being peed on by campers until he snapped. Elppa killed himself by persuading a human named Jerry to cut him down and Elppa was reincarnated once again.

This time Elppa was reincarnated as a woman named Layla, but Layla still had memories of being an apple. Layla goes everyday reliving the time she was run over by a taxi and because of that she hates taxis.Layla married a man named Georgie who is the son of Jerry,the guy who cut down Layla when she was an apple tree.Georgie did not know Layla hated taxis so much and became a taxi driver, Layla who was being controlled by her past, brutally killed Georgie.To be continued...

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