Everything to know about Japan


Japan by Tokyoship commons.wikimedia.org CC0

Japan is an island country. Meaning that it can have hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, etc. But Japan isn't all destruction. There is much, much more to Japan.

A brief history of Japan

Japan was discovered by Nigini no Mikoto. His grandson, Jimmu was known to be the first emperor of Japan. But much of Japan's earliest history was known to be only a legend.


Jimmu by Ginko Adachi common.wikimedia.org CC0

Some famous emperors of Japan were, Akihito, Oda Nobunaga, Hirohito, Emperor Meiji, and the first, Emperor Jimmu. It is accepted that the first humans to inhabit Japan traced back to prehistoric times. The Jomon period was followed by the Yayoi period, when new technologies found their way to Japan from continental Asia. Japan's many tribes and kingdoms began to be unified under a centralized governement.

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