Baby Elephants

Baby Elephants by Fabien BASTIDE commons.wikimedia.org CC-BY-SA

African Bush Elephants

African Bush Elephants by Gorgo commons.wikimedia.org Public Domain

What is an Elephant

An elephant is a heavy plant eating mammal with a prehensile trunk,long curved ivory tusks,and large ears. Native to Africa and southern Asia. It is the largest living land animal.

The three most common known elephants

  1. African Bush Elephants
  2. Asian Elephants
  3. African Forest Elephants

African Bush Elephants

Asian Elephants

African Forest Elephants

Why Are Elephants Helpful??

Elephants are helpful because they are a "keystone species", meaning that they look after the place where they live, maintaining pathways and access to water, which helps other animals to.

Why Are Elephants So Special

Elephants, actually elephants tusks and horns are so special because they are made of ivory, a rare and precious substance.

Elephants ivory tusks and horns are the reason people are killing elephants.Some elephants species are endangered bacause people are killing them for their horns and tusks.

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