THE STORY OF OLGIERD_ (written by shinare)

The royal couple, Cchatts and Rchatts, had 3 sons: Olgierd, Arin and Arodas. This story is about one of themThe successor and first son of Cchatts, the elvenking, Olgierd!

Olgierd had always been exceptionally aggressive, short-sighted and temperamental.

He was the greatest warrior of the elven realm, known for his battle prowess and will to fight. It was in the second half of the month Firith in the year 3000 of the Third Age, that his father was badly wounded, and was unable to continue ruling the Realm.

In the 9th of Rhîw, it was finally decided that he should step down, and his son Olgierd ascended to the throne.

The growth of the stronghold of Dol Guldur was quickly stopped, and it became even weaker than it was before.

This drew some of the Dark Lord Sauron’s attention from the One Ring to Eryn Galen. He saw his opportunity to greatly strengthen his forces, for Olgierd’s hasty nature made him more corruptible than most elves. And so he began to spread careful lies and doubts among the wood-elves, and eventually got a strong connection to the elvenking.

Over the years, these lies got deeper and deeper into Olgierd’s mind, he began to doubt his people’s loyalty, while the society of Sauron’s forces felt less and less hideous. It was at some point of year 3011 when he, along with some of his trusted bodyguards, snuck into the halls of Moria to study the ways of the orckind.

Little did he know that Sauron was always a step ahead, orcs were ordered to behave nicer and to avoid certain hiding spots.

As Sauron corrupted his mind more, Olgierd became more intrigued by the orcs.

In the 67th of Laer, Olgierd only informed some of his counselors that he is going to the orcs, for he believes they are not as evil as they are thought to be.

This brought a lot of headache to the council, but eventually they had the second son of cchatts, Arin, ascending to the throne.

Some months later, a rumor had come to the elves of Eryn Galen. A rumor of an orc almost as beautiful as an elf, but with some developing orcish features, fighting furiously on the eastern side of the Hithaeglir.

This orc was known with a name too familiar to the new elvenking, as the name was Olgierd.

THE STORY OF JAYMARVEL (written by jaymarvel)

There was once a young elf by the name of Jaymarvel. For some time he wandered the wide world, visiting many peoples and making many friends- and enemies.

One fateful day, he went to visit the Golden Wood, but found its gates barred to him. As he traveled aimlessly away, he had a chance meeting with Arbiter D’Twin, the Prince of the Woodland Realm. Astonished by the young prince’s kindness, Jay joined the woodland realm and spent many happy days under the trees of Mirkwood, even becoming the adopted son of the prince.

But all good things come to an end.

Greed and envy grew in the heart of Jaymarvel, and he was seduced by the darkness. He betrayed his father and his kingdom and went to join Dol Guldur, where he served the darkness for some time.

However, if there is on constant in this story, it is the kindness of Arbiter- now King Arbiter. His compassion brought the young elf back to the light, and he now lives in the Greenwood again.

THE STORY OF GIO177 (written by gio)

After my adventures in Dol Guldur as a High Elf, I returned with a lot of blood on my hands. More than a few would call me a filthy maggot and wanted my head. So PafKabouter and Joxu took their tasks.

I was offered a lot of money but refused, so when I witnessed them brutally murder another High Elf, I went into hiding, thought that Woodland Realm would be a good place to hide and by changing my title to Silvan Elf I thought I would throw them off.

It worked, but a bit too well. It caused a misunderstanding even in the Woodland Realm itself one of the actual Silvan elves JayMarvel and even the King of Thranduil's Halls got into this. 2 months later I decided that I wanted to be one of them. Today, I am.

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