Most of the kingdom's relics were destroyed by Olgierd when he fell, and the rest where destroyed when the East Bight fell.

The current relics have been curated by Jaymarvel, and are currently locked in the crypt of the Sanctuary of Malinon. DM Jaymarvel if you wish to access them.

The Stone of Olgierd

The Stone of Olgierd is a piece of a stone column from Thranduil's Halls. It is a relic both of Olgierd, who built that area, and Thranduil's Halls itself.

The Hearthrock

The Hearthrock is a piece of smooth stone, and used to be a part of the hearth at the Town Hall of the Enchanted River Village. It is a relic of IceInferno, and of the Enchanted River build.

The Black Crown of Cchatts

Although the origins of this black crown are unknown, it is believed to have been made for King Cchatts by King Arodas.

The Standard of Malinon

This Wood-Elven Banner belonged to King Malinon. It flew over the 9th Mallorn games. Afterwards, it continued to fly in the Sanctuary of Malinon for four years before being moved to the crypt.

The Flame of the Depths

This map art painting depicts a fiery Balrog of Morgoth in its terrible power. It was created by Olgierd_. and Libertymom.

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