Enchanted River

-A small village of the raft-elves of Mirkwood near the enchanted river. It is used to house new recruits.

Thranduil's Halls

-The Capital of the kingdom, and the biggest build of the Woodland-Realm.

Dolen Galadhbar (Hidden Treehome)

-A large village of treehouses hidden to the world below, Dolen Galadhbar functions as both a large recruit village and a communal area thanks to its large Town Hall that inhabits a cave system belowground.

The Sanctuary of Malinon

-Built in 2015 by Malinon (TheSmileBC), this underground sanctuary was home to the Wood-Elves second Mallorn Party. It is the oldest surviving build of the Woodland Realm. After lying forgotten for centuries, it was rediscovered and restored by Jaymarvel. It contains the tombs of many kings, a large feasting area, the Relic Hall, and more.

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