Family Tree
Image Credit Shinare - CC BY-NC-ND

In addition to the family trees of Shinare Greenwood and Henka, there is one royal family descended from Emperor Raphael.

This breaks into three royal lines; the line of Faelon the second king and SmileBC, which has produced one king and two lords, the line of cchats and rchats, which has produced no less than 5 kings and one lord, and the line of TheBlueTrickster and Glaedir the first king of the high elves, which has produced one king and two lords.

By far the most historically powerful is the line of cchats, with the line of Faelon being old and respected but no longer powerful. The line of Glaedir was long dormant, but currently holds power and is expected to continue to hold the throne for years to come.

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