The Wood-Elves were founded by Emperor_Raphael on September 22nd 2014. He would soon leave, however, and would be succeeded by Faelon. Under the reign of Faelon, the Wood-Elves joined the Great War which started on July 11th 2015 and in which they battled forces of the shadow.

Faleon ultimately went inactive, with LordOropher becoming acting ruler on July 30th 2015. He had TheBlueTrickster crowned on January 4th 2016, and upon the return of Faelon in April 2016, he took back the throne and wed TheSmileBC, with the two coming to an agreement to share the crown. Faelon soon disappeared again, and TheSmileBC became the sole ruler.

Faelon reappeared again in the early summer of 2016 and TheSmileBC left the Woodland Realm. She once again went inactive, this time for the final time, and was replaced by Shinare on August 14th 2016. Thranduil's Halls was destroyed on October 12th 2016. Devastated, Shinare abdicated in favor of cchats. Cchatts would have the longest rule in Wood-Elven history, with him lasting until December 10th 2017, when he abdicated for Olgierd_.

One of Olgierd’s first acts was to join the Dominion-Gondor war on January 20th 2018. Over the course of his reign East Bight and Enchanted River were built and Tharanduil’s Halls was reset for the second time. His rule sadly could not last forever, and Olgierd_ resigned as leader on August 8th 2018. ArinHolmes ascended the throne but he soon decided that leading was not for him and resigned, crowning Arodas on September 23rd 2018.

During the reign of Arodas, the Wood-Elves joined the Isengard-Arnor War on behalf of Arnor. Arodas was banned on January 1st 2019, with ElfKingAnte and ArinHolmes becoming co-rulers. Arodas was unbanned and returned to the server on November 23rd 2019, with ArinHolmes making him co-king.

On March 24th 2020, ElfKingAnte abdicated and crowned Arbiter_Darkness as co-king. Since this time Arbiter has run the kingdom along with Arodas wisely and well. He has worked tirelessly on two different role systems to best suit our faction.

The Wood-Men declared war on the Woodland Realm in December of 2020 in a bid for tiles. The war was declared invalid due to lack of active players on the Woodland Realm's side.


The very first royal council of the Woodland-Realm was made a long time ago under the rule of the former king cchats. In the royal council are wood elves with royal blood, in other words: wood elves that are very loyal and if the ruler of that time steps down they are the first in line to rule the realm. Sometimes the royal court contains former kings, that are unable the rule for a period of time.

Since the rule of the king Arodas, the role Wood-Elven Lord has been given a special meaning. The Lords of the Woodland Realm are a special group of active and loyal wood elves that are a member of the Royal Council and own a certain plot of land (like certain villages, waypoints and cities).

The first wood elves that have been given the role of Wood-Elven Lord were: TheIceInferno and Arbiter_Darkness. While Arbiter_Darkness ruled Dolen Galadhbar, TheIceInferno (still) rules Enchanted River and (the not done yet) Raft Elves village. The Wood-Elven Lords make the most important decisions with the Royal Wood-Elves, Altough the Royal Wood-Elves have a higher rank on paper the Wood-Elven Lords have a lot more influence in the Realm.

Together can the King with the Royal Wood-Elves (mostly former kings) and the Wood-Elven Lords, properly rule the realm.

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