“In days past I left the woodland realm, my lust for power driving me to join a dark faction that was the sworn enemy of my true home. I have been away from the server for some time, and have come to the realization that I don't truly want the responsibilities attached with true power.

My only wish is to return to the realm of the wood-elves. I know that my actions have branded me an outcast, and I wish only to live on the borders of the Woodland Realm and defend it against the spiders and other evils that frequently spawn there.

I have no desire for rank or status, wealth or power, I instead look for a place to call home and a people to call my people in the Wood-Elves. I have been a member of far too many factions, but looking back it was only amongst the trees of Mirkwood that I was truly happy.”

-Jaymarvel, appealing to rejoin the faction in early 2020.

“One of the main reasons why I like the Woodland Realm is because of the community. In all the years I have played, I have never met people as nice as the Elves of the Woodland Realm.

This keeps me coming back to this server to play as well. Another reason is that there is so much to do. I love building and designing for the Realm. With this, I can show people my work and get valuable feedback on my builds.

I have been working on some of the big designs for the Realm and I have seen them come alive on the server. These are the things I like the most about the realm.”


“I treasure the community and the aesthetics of the Woodland Realm.

For instance, I find the beauty of the red and green oaks contends to rival that of the Mallorn trees in both their natural form and materials. The realm’s bricks have a gentler tone than those of many other factions.

I had enjoyed the beauty of the realm a long time before choosing to join the faction. I continue to regret not joining sooner. The community is kind, supportive, and active.

Our leader is amiable and prudent. I anticipate you’ll feel welcome in our family!”


"The rules and respect you have for yourself, others around you and how you treat mother nature is truly amazing and a beautiful sight for me.

Last but not least, It has always been my dream to find a community that involves themselves in fantasy but mainly the elf community and now that you have shown how much detail and time you have put in for this faction to grow and be as strong as it is is truly where and who I wish to serve!"


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