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Expressing the Artwork

My website teaches you to know the true meaning of art. My website also tells you about famous artists and famous art works/paintings.I want to show people art is important but whats more important is unleashing your inner artist. Express art!!!

  1. Go to the app name Expressing the art work
  2. Fill in the information such as youre name and things you like to do.
  3. Write youre username and password.
  4. Go to settings and make sure you upgrade.
  5. Also make sure to turn on your notifications.
  6. Go to the app again.
  7. In the app go to the paint brush in the corner.It looks like this:
  8. paint

    It is found on DrawingNow How to Draw a Paint Brush

  9. It will say allow the app to give you alerts and notifications press allow.
  10. Start and enjoy the app.
  11. Art

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