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About me and my interests


  • gymnastics
  • making homemade things
  • sowing
  • cooking
  • painting
  • drawing
  • rose drawing

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    About Me

    I'm from Dallas Texas.I am the middle child of 5.My youngest sister is in elementary in first grade,my second youngest sister is in middle school in sixth grade,im in the middle currently in eithgth grade,my second oldest brother is in highschool in ninth grade and my oldest sister is 18 and no longer in school.I have been in the same area all my life and my family doesn't rerally move around a lot because were not a big fan of "change".I am 13 years old and will be 14 in March 20.I went to Anne Frank Elementary and currently going to Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy.Among all of my hobbies, I really enjoy doing gymnastics the most even though i've never had an official coach.I am a self-taught gymnast and plan to proceed to learn new things and accomplish more.

    Family Traditions

  • I come from a hispanic family therefor, some of my family traditions may be unique.One tradition we have is all of my family gathers at my gradma's house and we have this big circle of different types of bread...it could be sugar or glazed, just different types and we each have to cut a piece and inside the bread are little plastic babies and who ever gets one has to plan a party for all of us.But it can't be a half planned party. The four people who get the pieces have to each plan a separate party by themselves for all of us with all of our traditional Mexican food such as tamales,enchiladas and different food like that.It's just a fun little tradition we have to see what everyone comes up with and if it turns out they way they planned or not. Overall,it's an experience for all of us to know what it feels like to plan an entire party for everyone there and the kids have to participate too so the outcome would be pretty interesting.
  • Just like most and probably every mexican family, you may have heard of the "quinceanera".The quinceanera is a tradition that has been going on for years that symbolizes the transition from childhood to young womanhood. Usually these are the kind of dresses you will see when going to a quinceanera but sometimes the setting isnt always the same. Some families like their daughters to still have a quinceanera but sometimes may not be able to pay for it so they throw a small party so that their daughter can still feel and expiuerience what its like to leave all her childhood memeories behind and start creating new ones as a young adult. quinceanera dress