What dog do you prefer?

  • Grayhound
  • Vizsla
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Grayhound


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    Grayhounds are known to be the fastest breed of dog on the planet. They are tall and thin and come in many different colors from tan to gray and even black and they do not shed very much. Grayhounds are extremely fast and have been know to run up to 45mph. Some are trained to be racers that chase a rabbit around a track. Although the are fast, they are not the most energetic dog and they tend to be lazy at home. Their life span can be 12-15 "human" years.



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    Vizslas are great bird hunting dogs. They are very energetic, being the third fastest dog breed, and need lots of exercise. They are very social and love to be part of the "pack" making them great family dogs. Vizslas are pointing dogs bred to hunt birds and can be trained to retrieve them as well. Vizslas are medium sized, have a rusty-brown coat and their short hair sheds quite a bit. They can live 10-14 years.

    Golden Retriever


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    Golden retrievers are a hunting breed known for their retrieving skills. They are great dog to have in the family because they are gentle and kind. They are not the most energetic breed but they still love to play. They are a medium to large dog with a lot of hair. Their coat can be golden brown and sometimes white in color, and their long hair sheds a lot. Thier life span can be 10-12 years old.

    Labrador Retriever


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    Labradors, or "labs", are a hunting dog bred for retrieving on land or in water. They are a medium to big sized dog that loves to swim and be in water. They are freindly and like to be around people making them great family dogs. They can be good hunters by retrieving, flushing and sometimes are bred for pointing. Lab's coats come in different colors such as brown, black and yellow. Their meidium sized hair does shed. They can live 10-12 years old.