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Save Your Drama for Drama Club

By: Natalie Prelutsky Feb 5 2020

We heard that Mr. Pangel, in charge of drama club might be having a class next year. We interviewed some Kids in drama too see why it should or shouldn't be a class. “I like drama because It’s just fun!

Though sometimes kids don’t get alone It’s an amazing experience”-Annymoness

“People talk a lot but It’s a nice place where you can learn about drama and just chill.”-annonmyness

“Their’s nothing I don't like abut drama, It’s Amazing and A huge confidence builder for me.”-annyominess

“I like how people have the same interests as me. I can be a theatre freak!”-.annonmyness

It seems like kids really love drama! Hopefully we get a class next year.

Comets Flying Away?

By:Natalie prelutsky, Feb 5 2020

We have reason to believe that our least favorite mascot comets is going away next year. We Interviewed Mr. Wood -- P.E. the person on top of this and he said this:
Why a Mascot change? The students have voiced their opinion in changing the mascot and I took it upon myself along with administration approval to research it.
Did you like being oc comets? This is a good question. I would like for the students to have a mascot they can realistic connection to. Something that sparks more school spirit and pride. Do you know what the mascot going to be? What do you want it too be?Are you happy with the change? As of right now I do not have a clue.I believe there will be a better school spirit no matter what the outcome will be. I personally would like [the] Dragons.

Why do you think a mascot change is necessary? There is a lack of spirit and pride when it comes to the mascot with the students. They have used their voice to to express a dislike to the Comet mascot. Here's what some students around the campus think about this change:

“We had a mascot?”- Hazel (6th grade)

“They should I just hope they don’t mess it up just like they messed up the halls.” -Millie,(8th grade)

“PLEASE CHANGE IT.”- Anonymous (7th grade)

“I think they should change it into some cool animals.”- Faiye P. (7th grade)

“I think it's great to change it because I don’t want our mascot to be a rock”- David (7th grade)

“They should make it a robot”- Grace (7th grade)

“I think they should change it into something catchy ”- Trinity(6th grade)

“I would want a golden retriever or a poodle or a chaweewee. Or a rabbit. I like rabbits. We need rabbits”

Their you have it, what do YOU think about the change?

i3 Bookworm Review

By: Trinity Monarrez, Feb 5 2020

Keeper of the Lost Cities"Keeper of the Lost Cities" by violet292 is licensed under CC0 1.0

i3 Bookworm Reviews “Keeper of the Lost Cities” As we all know there many books that could earn a spot here. That spot is taken. Shannon Messenger came out with the idea of Keeper of the Lost Cities in 2008 and put it to paper in 2012. When asked how she came up with the ideas she replies, “Well, I have this magic tree in my yard that sprouts money and unicorns and really cool stories. No—I wish. That would be amazing. But honestly, I don’t have an interesting answer to this question. The fact of the matter is, ideas are everywhere and the trick is to be observant, let my imagination wander, and always carry a notebook so I can write them down before I forget.” Shannon Messenger lives with her husband and six cats (and counting) in Southern California. She describes the KotLC series by saying “X-men meets Lord of the Rings”

The first book Keeper, really is setting the story for the rest of the series and for the reader. 12 year old Sophie Foster is a telepath. Sophie goes through a journey to find out where she belongs, making friends and enemies.(Typical, I mean we all don’t have friends; do we?) Sophie has these important memories implanted in her mind that she did not know was there. There are people willing to kill her for these memories. There are soo many plots, twists, and plans, lies, secrets.This book will have you hooked. (It is my favorite). Join Sophie and her friends as they uncover mysteries about the world they thought was peaceful, turn into lies and secrets; that they never knew.

This book can be a real adventure and funny novel for those who like fantasy, fiction, and mystery. I highly recommend this novel. There are 8 books and counting. The author (Shannon)has a contract through 9 novels. Shannon mostly wants to finish it off with a good ending or until the ending is good. The books are Keeper, Exile, Everblaze, Neverseen, Lodestar, Nightfall, Flashback, and Legacy! Until next time! (That’s all folks)

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