Common Parenting Struggles


This is a website to help parents with some common issues, like adapting to being a new parent, and being a single parent. It's also a way to help overprotective parents grow as parents, and realize how they are overprotective. I made this website as a way for parents to realize they aren't alone, and so they can see the parental issues they face aren't uncommon or different.

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New Parent Issues

Being a new parent can be intimidating to some and even overwhelming. There’s a lot of new issues that you will face that have not been brought up to you before or that might be harder than you expected. Mentally it can take a huge toll, you aren’t used to your new sleep schedule, or your limited free time. Don’t be nervous to ask for help, especially when you’re still getting used to this new lifestyle. It’s important to still find time to do what you love and that interests you, so you make sure you don’t lose yourself. Whether it’s your first child or your third, being a new parent will always take some adjustments, and come with hardships. You may feel like you’re the only one who has experienced these issues, but you aren’t the first, and certainly not the last. Here’s some links with lists of some common new parent issues, with some tips.

Overprotective Parenting

Whether a new parent or not, you want to ensure your child is safe and protected. While to some it may seem as if you can’t be too careful of your child’s safety, there are multiple ways you could be overprotective.

You could be violating your child’s privacy. You may think since they are your kid, privacy isn't needed, but everyone needs their own personal space. Especially as they grow up, more boundaries will form and you have to accept that, even if it takes you time to do so.

Another issue is putting your child in a “bubble.” Of course, you love and care for your child and don’t want them to get hurt, but that doesn’t mean you don’t let them experience things because of your fear. While easier said than done, you have to be open to letting your kid learn and try new age appropriate things. It could be as simple as letting your child run around on a playground, or letting them walk to the corner store. While you are attached to your cherished child, at times you have to learn when it’s acceptable to loosen your grip.

Loosening your grip includes constantly checking on them whenever you are separated. At times their space may be wanted, but could partially be needed. Depending on their activity, not getting a call every 30 minutes could help them enjoy themselves more.

Making sure you keep you and your child's life separate is important. Not being with them every second of every day, and not being aware of their every action is perfectly fine. You have to let your child live their own life, and letting them do so won't make you any less of a parent.

Single Parenting

“Having a healthy boundary is important”.

Single parenting is being the parent that has most or total custody of their child, meaning they have to raise a child practically by themselves. With parenting in general comes struggles, but the obstacles single parents face might be slightly more challenging. Some of the main issues are ensuring your child has good character development, making sure you’re involved enough in your child’s life, and the financial limitations.

Being a parent, you are the first role model and example of the traits a person should have to your child. You have the ability to influence the person your child will be as they grow up, and it doesn’t even have to be on purpose. It could be a lot of pressure, especially if you have to do it alone. You have to be open to help and not afraid that seeking help somehow means you aren't a capable parent. Putting your child in sports and clubs can give them something supportive to do, along with connecting them with people to look up to. Shaping who a person is alone can be very stressful, you can’t allow your life to be your child. “Having a healthy boundary is important”.

“You’re not going to be able to do everything.”

While being a single parent, you may not have time to show up to every talent show, game days, or just have some spare time to spend a little more quality time with your child. Whether the reason is you have to work or have to run errands, you shouldn’t feel at fault for something out of your control. While at times you could call out of work, or leave the grocery shopping for the next day, using your best judgment is important.

You have to acknowledge at times when it’s either disappointing your child or losing your job, supporting your child financially is more important. The best you can do is be apologetic and honest and explain why you can't be there. You have to be accepting of however your child feels after, and be supportive and encouraging of what your child is going to do. While it won’t be the same, maybe another family friend or family member can go to be there supporting your child. You shouldn’t feel guilty for not always being able to be involved. “You’re not going to be able to do everything.”


Don't let embarrassment or the anxiety of the way others will perceive you stop you from getting the governmental help you need. You should use all financial resources you are eligible for to your advantage. You have to be open to the fact your income isn’t solely for you anymore, and spend your money responsibly and accordingly. You could also use different methods of budgeting to try to save money. For example, if it’s in your budget, investing in food warehouses is beneficial because you can get discounted prices. Trying to find deals where you can is a way you are able to save some money.

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