Teenage Mental Health

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Self Harm

Self Harm

Many parents think that if their child cuts, burns and hits themselves, that their kid is suicidal because of the harm they give themselves. The cause for the self harm can be suicidal thoughts or a very high risk behavior. They can also self harm because they have been abused in the past. When they cut themselves that can cause accidental death just by cutting and/or burning. When they commit self harm they can begin to do drug use and maybe have an overdose at the same time.

Kids can overcome it by going into rehab and have people there that can help them overcome the problem that caused them to produce a behavior that turned into a habit. They just need to know that they have someone that can help them and get them back on their feet in a stable. If they go to therapy, then it is possible that the therapist might recommend a group therapy for kids/teenagers that have gone through that so they can talk in a safe place so they can confide in one another.

“What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human!”

“It is not selfish to look for help when you truly need it.”


Drug Use

There are treatment programs for those that cannot control the amount of drugs they consume. The issues have developed way beyond drug use abuse, basically saying that they lose their control and power of choice. The ways that the drugs take over the person's brain and therapists teach life skills and can determine the root of addiction. Teens need help with many things and drugs being one of them they tend to relapse and when they do they need help even if it is multiple times. If they had a support system this wouldn't happen this would be rare but they don't have a support system so they relapse all the time with no help.

“Addiction is a family disease one person may use but everyone in the family suffers.”

“Addiction doesn't kill the addict, it kills the family and kids and people that tried to help.”



Overthinking is a very hard habit to get over because the more you tell yourself to stop thinking about a topic the longer the person is awake. Since there are different types of overthinking it can affect a relationship or a friendship. Many therapists believe that overthinking is caused by (PTSD) post traumatic stress disorder (experiences) of depression and anxiety. Like stressing over what you're going to say at a presentation and can't sleep all night thinking of what to say or a job interview you don't know what to say when the day comes. You can start to take the steps necessary to resolve the situation.

“OVERTHINKING is the biggest cause of your unhappiness. Keep yourself occupied and think positively.”

“Overthinking will destroy your mood. Breath and let go.”

Overthinking Overthinking



The bipolar disorder starts around the adolescent ages(13-17). The signs often happen when the teen has developed hormones or they have confused moods or undiagnosed depression, anxiety and ADHD. Many things can cause a bipolar disorder brain function, genetic factors, and childhood experiences. Bipolar disorder is often dismissed and told it was “teen behavior.” Many therapists say that it is best for a bipolar teen to go to family therapy.

“You're bipolar but you're not crazy and never were.”

“It can be exhausting and overwhelming to be in your own skin”

Many teenagers go through this things and feel that parents don't take it seriously.


Being Human

Teenagers Mental Health

When teenagers get these kinds of behaviors and illnesses it gets pretty hard to manage it because we don't see that we have it, we ignore it and refuse to admit that we have it. Even if we admit that we do have bad behavior or an illness we fall into depression because we don't want it and start to think that we are not like the other kids. Mainly because the other kids are allowed to leave their house and the teens with an illness have to stay inside with nothing, but what they don't know is that their parents do that for their safety. The teenagers that are going through something like suicidal thoughts are less likely to leave the house because they could do who knows what while they are out.

Sometimes when a student has a DCP case (Department Of Child Protection) the school can do nothing. Some teenagers feel worthless and begin to feel insecure which can sometimes lead to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. Some adults ignore the problems that the kids have but even if they did care they would do something about all that.

Help from School Administration

There are teachers and deans that want to help the kids, but they think its best to not mention it and just start a regular convo with them. My Dean of Students, Mr. Burdier, said this to me not too long ago, and said he wants the kids to feel safe when around him because he doesn't want the kids to feel misunderstood. He can't do anything about it but he can listen and he wants to be there for the student and ask how it is going, does not add the topic because he doesn't want the student to feel bad. Giving them advice and a hug is what he mainly does because the majority of the students that cry are probably girls crying over a guy because he doesn't like her or they broke up.

Maybe a student has a DCP (Department of Children Protection) and wants to talk about it because they feel comfortable around Dean Burdier or the kid is going through trauma. He would listen and help to see what he can do to give the best advice he can.

He wants to do his job and make the kids feel safe because they need that kind of support that their parents cannot give them but Burdier can. He says that sometimes the cases are too difficult to talk about with a student so it is best he doesn't bring it up he just asks how are they and try to build a connection from there that way the kids feel comfortable with him like Burd is with me. He put a permanent marker on my forehead that gave me a life long name, ¨Lesly Slime." I personally do not care because it is just a nickname for me coming from a teacher I began trusting and feeling comfortable around in a short period of time.

He believes that if he can have a close connection with the students then they will tell him what they feel and why they feel this. Like I said he wants the students to feel comfortable when talking to him, to build a non-teacher relationship as friends so they feel comfortable around him this way they can talk about how the kids feel if they trust Burd enough. Like for example, he asked me what I would do next year if he was my VP. I said I would be going to his office many times because he is very helpful and likes listening to us."


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