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Horses cant breath through there mouth.There are over 600 horse breeds.There are 10 muscles in a horses ear.Horses were first discovered in the 5,500 years ago.The first horse to appear on earth was in North American grasslands.The earliest horses had three or four toes.The longest living horse was 60 years old.

What they eat

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A horse should eat 2.5% of there body weight in grass or hay every day. Horses spend 12-14 hours a day.Keeping hay in front of horses at all times allows them have their natural grazing behavior.

How to care for horses

Horses need daily care to stay healthy.They need access to clean water,food and somewere to stay safe. When riding your horse you need proper horse riding equipment.A horse should be ridden four times a week your should at least 2 out of the four times in a week.


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  1. Quarter horse
  2. Paint horse
  3. Mustang
  4. Appaloosa
  5. American saddlebread
  6. Irish sport horse
  7. Curly horse
  8. Morgan horse
  9. Dutch warmblood
  10. Throughbred
  11. Fjord horse
  12. Cob horse