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The Problem

A lot of artists are failing to be original and many artists who are beginners in the field are still stuck in their shells and don’t know how to get their art out there and get started. A lot of people are afraid to be rejected or not liked. A lot of teens in Amboy who are just getting started investing in their hobbies might need help on somethings and might want information on this specific topic. It’s important to address this problem quickly because it’s better if you start early so you can build your skills early on. “As well as other researchers, have found that it takes around 10 years to master a skill or 10,000 hours of practice." - Also you have more things to worry about when you get older and it is harder to start.

☺Mission Statement☺

My mission with this website is to help people get started and be more confident by showing some techniques and educating them on how to be original and some advice with social networking.

How to be More Confident and
Handle Being Judged / How to be Original

Whenever you see or think of anything that captivates you take a picture of it or write it down so you can experiment. Habits like writing concepts, brainstorming, mind mapping, drawing sketches can be helpful to explore your ideas. Experiment and play around with some settings especially if you don’t know what it does in Photoshop it can lead to new ideas, you can create something new this way and you can open yourself to new things. Don’t get inspired by just one source, you should have multiple and even with multiple sources still try to break new ground. Create your own unique artistic vision. Set goals for yourself.


"A lot of people confuse inspiration and are straight up copycats. Try to change 5 things. Post your artwork without second guessing, don’t reconsider if people are going to like it or not. Learn about the algorithm." -Jason Leonardo


Some good editing apps that you can use on your phone : Adobe Lightroom, Picsart on mobile:

Adobe Lightroom is a free app on mobile and you can use certain lighting and color features on your picture. You have to pay for certain features but it’s still a good app.

Picsart is an editing app that lets you modify pictures in a lot of ways like : applying masks, making collages, adding stickers, text, and adjusting color. Some features require a subscription but most things are free.

Learn about Color theory

Color is one of the biggest tools for visual communication and it is very important for product designers to choose colors carefully. Just like typography designers should choose colors with care and intention. “Color Theory helps you select balanced and effective color combinations” -Xd Ideas

First limit the total number of colors because it can be really hard to achieve a visual balance when you use too many colors. Keep a simple color scheme and limit to 2 or 3 colors and experiment with different shades and tints. Three popular types of color schemes are Monochromatic that can create a soothing effect, Analogous that makes it visually appealing, and Complementary which works well if you want to attract attention. Different colors show different emotions.

Red Red can evoke danger, importance, love and it can even increase a person's heart rate.
Orange The color orange can show energy, optimism, and fun.
Yellow Yellow evokes happiness, attention, and warmth and when combined with black can command attention.
Green Green shows growth, success, and nature.
Blue Blue shows trust, comfort, and calmness.
Purple Purple evokes luxury, creativity, and wisdom.
Black Black evokes power, sophistication, and mystery.
White White can evoke cleanliness, health, and innocence.

Younger people like colors with longer wavelengths like red and orange and older people like colors with shorter wavelengths like blue.

You can use mood boards to find the right colors. A good website for color schemes is You can generate random color schemes for free and get ideas from it.

Social Networking

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