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Halo Scoring System

Human kill= 5pts per kill

Human kills are not hard to get thats why they are worth so little points

zombie kill= 10pts per kill

Zombie kills are much harder to get than human kills and so they are worth more points

Last Man Standing= 25pts

Last man standing is where you are the last human alive and it is much harder to get than the last scores I listed and that is why it is 25 points. Also you get an overshield with last man so it takes two kills to kill you.

FlatLine= 35pts

A Flatline is where you kill the last man as a zombie(the only way you can kill them) the reason it is worth 35 points is because it is a combo of the two hardest things to do in infection, kill the last man standing as the rest of the zombies try to kill them but YOU have to kill them.