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The most basic tool in the program is the random name generator. This function basically selects a name randomly from the data and displays it to the viewer. It features factors that can be tweaked not just in this tool but nearly all others, in this case, Gender and year. The original data this program is based on separates the data by these factors, so, if male and 2017 is selected, the program will randomly choose a name from the 2017 male data sheet. The dates in the data sheet go all the way back to 1944, so if you want to name your child as they would’ve been named in the mid 20th century, that is available. The random generator can also generate names for dogs if you so wish using the Adelaide dog registration data.

Other functions include the top 10 list. Simply select a date and gender and it will display the top 10 most popular names in that time. A prominent feature of the program is also the search function. Enter a name and it will display how many times that name has been used in the year of your choosing. These features, particularly the top 10 aspect, can also give some historical insight into how popular names have changed over time.