The Importance of Business School

Business is a very important field. The world revolves around business, and the field is very wide. A lot of the richest people in the USA have studied business in one way or another. A business school is a school where you will learn to take business theories and apply them to real-world problems. Business schools craft students into astute decision makers and professionals who can readily navigate uncertainty, risk, and change. The average income for business students is very high and it gives you the tools to grow your money.

Amazing Business Schools

Booth School of Business
Arizona State University

Photo of Harvard

Harvard business school is one of the best business schools as an Ivy League school. They have a lot of resources like computer labs, mentors, and a lot of programs. They have some of the best professors teaching at this school.

Photo of Regent

I chose Regent university for its amazing online schooling programs. They are ranked 5 in Virginia for their online classes.

Photo of Booth

Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago is an amazing school. The graduates from this school get some of the best business jobs in the country and their employment rate after graduation rate is 96%.

Photo of Stanford

Stanford Graduate School of Business is a top tier Ivy League business school. The average salary for graduates is $156,000 and some of the richest people in the US graduate from this school.

Photo of Arizona

Arizona State University, Tempe is an amazing school. It is more affordable than the others ones on the list, and it has a great employment after graduatIon rate. The school has a very big campus which brings a lot of resources with it.


Do not worry if these schools are too far or too expensive! Your local business school is never a bad choice! If you don't have the money for one of these other great schools, your local school is better than not going to a business school. You can do great things in business, no matter what school you go to, as long as you do your best.


Booth School
Arizona State University