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The problems in the city may seem like they don't affect anyone. The truth is that the lack of diversity in businesses is negatively impacting the city's economy. There is much lost potential in the city; this city could become a major hub for businesses. Letting this problem grow could impact the funding of programs in the city. These studies state that a lack of businesses affects the city.


Mission Statement

Dream Business brings poise and strength to new entrepreneurs by sharing my knowledge.

Community Testimonials

"When I first had the idea of opening up a business, I had no clue what I was doing until I stumbled upon this website. It was then that I learned what I needed to do and what I needed to work on."

"Since this website has led me down the right path, I believe that this website will be a great help to others like me who are lost in knowing how to start a business."

Start of a Journey

Dark Reality

The hard truth of owning a business is harsh. There are multiple factors you need to worry about to make the business optimal for you. It’s a huge financial risk that could leave you in debt. The common costs of owning a business include inventory, equipment, location, utilities, payroll, insurance, marketing, and research. The most important expense is tax. This cannot be ignored. This is only a piece of owning a business; the business is going to require a lot of attention from you. which can’t be ignored; if you do, the business will suffer.

Data Chart

This data chart shows the likeness of a small business taking on debt when running their business. Debt is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen to your business; it can be a tool to help you if you are able to manage it properly. If you feel you can't manage debt, then don't take on debt. Things can get ugly if you can't manage debt.

Important fact: Taxes can be deducted with your business expenses when you file your business tax return.

Fun Fact: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 20% of small businesses fail in the first year; after five years, the failure rate rises to 50%.

If you still feel brave enough to walk into the unknown, go ahead and read the rest of the blog.


Every business should consider adding these items to their business to help you on your journey.

Business Model: Documents that explain your entire business structure most commonly answer investors' questions. How the business earns its income, how it functions, etc. great way to attract investors to your startup.

Business Planner Website

Register Business: Before gathering up any funds, or loans from a lender. You should register your business, as it's required by law.

Business Registration

Website:Useful to attract consumers to your business. No coding experience is required.

Create your website with these links

If you need further explanation and assistance, visit the websites below.


The first step to starting your business is to register it with this link: Business NJ GOV. Create a business plan; this is optional but would be best to gather extra funds from investors. Bizplan is a great website to help you with your business plan. Also, consider creating a website; nowadays, customers are purchasing products on the internet. Now you're one step closer to the next topic, getting loans. Before that, you need to estimate how much funding the business will need. SBA GOV, this would help you figure out how much you would need to borrow from a lender.

Getting Loans

Wallet filled with Cash

This part is crucial when starting your home business. There are different types of loans available for business owners, since we're focused on funding home businesses.

These websites above perfectly describe the types of loans available to business owners. The site below assists you in finding a lender.

Not to scare you, statistics show that, according to Fundera, the appearance rate for small business loans in 2020 was 43%.

The rate varies depending on the lender and other factors, such as your credit score.

Maintaning the Business

Congratulations! You've started your business. Now the real problems are going to show up in your journey. There is so much to improve in your business.

Consider applying these actions to your business.

More Important Tips

Data Graph on Disasters Affecting Business Operations

The graph above demonstrates the importance for business owners of having an emergency fund. An emergency fund during a disaster can dictate the future of your business.

Person carrying a box saying LOSS

You've made it this far; now you need to learn to analyze other people's mistakes. This skill is useful for you; it teaches you how to detect any faults in your business and how to prevent them. Remember, one mistake can slow down your business, or in the worst case, it can collapse it.

Reasons Why Businesses Fail

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