Favorite Games to Play

My 3 favorite games to play 3: Sonic Fronteirs, Good Story and Good Gameplay and Good Bossfights

Sonic Frontiers

I really love playing this game because I love the activites. you can do on the islands it has a good story.

Good Story and Good Gameplay

I enjoy the mature story line

Good Bossfights

The bossfights are amazing

Girl in a jacket

Geometry Dashs

I love this game because it is so fun and you can play and create community levels that players make I make levels and I put effort into them and people like it I also make content of it on YouTube I love this game and i will never stop playing it.

Girl in a jacket

Call of Duty

call of duty

This is my favorite Fps and Shooter game frachise Im Decent at the game And my loadout is good its so fun and I will never stop playing it like Geometry Dash I love this franchise and its games.

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