Violins are a beatiuful musical instrument and have a heavenly sound when played correctly. Even tho it seems easy to play violin, it is very difficult and takes time and practice. Some people have more skill than others but that doesn't mean that you should stop trying. Many people out there have dedicated their lives to music and still dont know how to play violin correctly. But with my direction you can learn fast and well how to play violin.


This is what a violin looks like. Violins can be diffecult but with time and patience you can play like a pro! Our first step to getting you to play like a pro is you need to get a violin,it deosn't have to be expensive. When you have a violin i would suggest learning how to keep it in good shape and check if its tuned.


After checking if its tuned we would suggest watching videos on how to hold and play it properly.We would suggest this video!

After watching this video we hope you know atleast a little more than you did!If you would like to know more then you are welcome to check out other vidoes and it is suggested to learn more before you move onto the next step.

Play with your emotion and dedicate time to learning more and enjoy playing!

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