Stop abusing animals a lot of animals die each year from getting abused.

Stuff that may happen when a dog gets abused

They may have food aggression, aggression toward people or animals.

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Stuff that may happen when a cat gets abused

Some cats may be aggressive, often due to physical pain and discomfort. Others may just see a dark corner where they can hide away and suffer in silence.

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Stop the big lick

The big lick can only be produced by pain.They get them to walk funny by using caustic chemicals such as diesel fuel, kerosene, mustard oil, and croton oil to the pasterns of the horse. Abusers place large stacked up shoes as tall as six to eight inches high, and ankle chains on the feet to exacerbate the pain.

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How to take care of a abused animal

  1. Don't Change Their Name
  2. Take Care of Their Basic Needs
  3. Provide a Safe Space
  4. Show Them Love
  5. Train them

  6. This is why you should not abuse animals. All these animals that are abused are inisant.