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Top 10 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time!

Ever Since The First Thought Of Video Games Back In 1958 No Thought It Would Get This Big and Now Millions And Even Billions Of Video Games Are Getting Sold These Days And Now You Are Going To Find Out The Top 10 Best Sellng Video Games Of All Time!

Fun Facts

  • The First Video Game Console Was Made In 1972
  • The Person That Invented Video Games Was A Physicist Named William Higinbotham
  • The Best Selling Console Was A PS2
  • 1. Minecraft

    Released: November 18th 2011

    Sales: 238,000,000

    Developers: Monjang Studios


    Image From: Wikipedia

    2. Grand Theft Auto V

    Released: September 17th 2013

    Sales: 160,000,000

    Developers: Rockstar North


    Image from: Wikipedia

    3. Tetris (EA)

    Released: September 12th 2006

    Sales: 100,000,000

    Developers: EA Moblie


    Image From: CNET

    4. Wii Sports

    Released: November 19th 2006

    Sales: 82,900,000

    Developers: Nintendo EAD


    Image From: Wikipedia

    5. PUBG: Battlerounds

    Released: December 20th 2017

    Sales: 75,000,000

    Developers: PUBG Corporation


    Image From: G2A

    6. Super Mario Bros.

    Released: September 13th 1985

    Sales: 58,000,000

    Developers: Nintendo


    Image From: Ultimate Classic Rock

    7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Released: May 29th 2014

    Sales: 51,810,000

    Developers: Nintendo EAD


    Image From: Instant-Gaming

    8. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow

    Released: February 27th 1996

    Sales: 47,520,000

    Developers: Game Freak


    Image From: Amino Apps

    9. Wii Fit Plus

    Released: December 1st 2007

    Sales: 43,800,000

    Developers: Nintendo EAD


    Image From: Amazon

    10. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Released: October 26th 2018

    Sales: 43,000,000

    Developers: RockStar Studios


    Image From: Instant Gaming