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Importance of Trade Unions

Trade union, also called a labor union, is an association of workers in a particular trade, industry, or company created for the purpose of securing improvements in pay, benefits, working conditions, or social and political status through collective bargaining.

The importance of trade unions were created for people to find better jobs and for people that only knew how to use their hands to work. Today, more people are getting into trades because of the future and opportunities it brings with knowing a trade skill.

The future is closer than we think and with that more jobs arer being taken from the hands of hard workers and people are starting to see the importance of trades because in a future the only jobs people are going to have are jobs that you have to work with your hands and today it is important because with those skills that you can learn can help you to fix any problem you have around your house.

My Mission

I want to create a website that helps Workers find jobs in Trades and provide resources like Union websites or buildings that need Trade Workers.

Schools I Recommend

Lincoln Tech is mechanical school located in 14 different states througt the U.S.A. There is one here in New Jersey in places like West Oregon, NJ and Union, NJ. They have any kind of trade you want to learn they have Auto Mechanic, Electricians, Carpenters, Robotics, Nursing, and a bunch more. They have a lot of locations.

Pennco Tech is a school for those who are interested in Welding, Heating, Ventilation, Air, Conditioning, and Refrigerator programs. Also, this school is a big one because it is located in two cities, making it a home to a large number of students. Every year more and more students enroll because of the high level of training and learning. They also enroll because the HVAC program focuses on a lot of things so Pennco Tech focuses on developing many skills at once. They also give to their students troubleshooting skills so their students can go a long way in their HVAC career.

New Jersey School of Woodwork is one of the schools that invites those who are interested in learning and growing in carpentry, the class is limited to 6 persons and each on of the students have their own bench where they can craft any carpenter idea you might have also each of the benches are 6 feet apart from each other.

Universal Technical Institute is a school that is always trying to have a good relationship with employees and manufacturers in the industry, and it has different ways of teaching their students. The school lets you earn credits for high school while you learn about the career you want to study. Also, they give the opportunity of part time work for those students who go to the school, and it's a great school to learn about how fix a car, learn about motorcycles, and about the kind of motors they use.

Hohokus School of Trade and Technical Sciences Hohokus School is accredited and financial aid assistance is available to students who qualify. It offers an apprenticeship to experienced Electricians and to people that want to learn about becoming an Electrician. It is located in Paterson, NJ. Electricians install and maintain electrical wiring systems, supplying light, power, air-conditioning, and refrigeration for private and commercial buildings.

What to Know About Trade Unions

Trades are jobs where you use your hands to build, create, and fix mechanical stuff like Mechanics that build cars and fix them, Electricians that manage the electricity in a house using a panel, Carpenters that build the house. The importance of Trade Unions is that trade workers can put all of their knowledge to work together to get better jobs, working conditions, and benefits.

The Trade Union is completely different because it is a place where trade workers need licenses to work and have more opportunities for higher wages than just working without the Union membership or license. Also, those trade workers that become a Union member or have a license have it easier when it comes to getting a job. Being a Union worker comes with health insurance, and the pay is a lot more if you belong to a Union or have a license than those who don't.

The Union also has their workers working with each other so they can get to know each other, and in the future, this can help ensure that there are no fights or any problems with their workers. If you are an apprentice you will have an instructor who will guide you throughout the process of becoming a trade worker.

Trade Workers Survery

Trade Workers Survey This Survey is for those who think that they can be in a trade job or those who want to take up the challenge.

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