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More Pokemon Facts, and how to draw more pokemon


OK so now, I will tell you More about pokemon for those newcomers to pokemon and maybe for those who already know about them some new facts you didn't knew before(i said MAYBE that doesn't mean I will)

ok so now I'll go back to the question "What a battle?" Well i am a little bit on my own expaining this one, in all the games yes even in Pokemon go (the thing called gyms) basicly you have to resones to battle in pokemon one: to i guess get stonger and level up (again on my own on this) and two to so you can catch more and new pokemon in Pokeballs, great balls, ok i think you get the point in the types of pokeballs, there's.... alot.

OK so now the newcomers are woundering: "What's a gym?" well... in almost all of the generations as far as i know expit Alola it's differnt there, anyway you may or may not have to get past the other trianers waiting for you along the way, you need to defeat their pokemon before you get to the gym LEADER that's the guy/gal you want to fight to get your gym bage: so you have proof that you battled the gym leader you have to get 8 to make it into the chapeonship, witch is like a battle but you could battle ANYONE in that place at lest in the show.... oof

ok so to go though the game, you need your frist pokemon: a Starter! So, a starter can be one of the three type unless you are playing Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, then you depeting on what you are playing, the type will ether be noramal(Let's Go Eevee) or Electic(Let's Go Pikachu) in case you are woundering what out of the two i play it's Let's Go Eevee, ok back to other starters! So in kanto You might have Bulbasaur(the Grass type) Charmander(the fire type) and Squirtle(the water type) and as far as i know unless you do something differnt to get anthor starter: you get thoose three type though out all the generations you get those three types they are not the same thing though. ok i think that's all i need to explain for starters

ok I'm gonna show you more videos on how to draw pokemon: you can choose what you want to draw, again, please note that none of the videos are mine and they belong to their rightful owners(Same with the Pictures above)

uhhhh.... I didn't expeck a play list.... well you can watch that too if you want

this Pokemon is from the Alola regein: and it's a Starter!

OK, that's the FIRE type starter here's the GRASS type starter in Alola: Rowlet!

ok next pokemon is one of the kanto starters can you guess witch one?

if you guessed Charmander then you are corret! Have a cookie :3

ok So I also want to know how to Draw the Eevelions! If you don't know what that is it is an evoltion of Eevee so the frist one(in this case,not in created line) is Espeon, The Sun pokemon(I would prefure a pencil).

and here's Umbreon: the Moonlight pokemon

And now here's Vaporeon,The Bubble just pokemon(also the frist Eeveelion to be created).

ok next is Joiteon! the lighting pokemon

(ok for NOW I am done with the Eeveeloins,but there is 8 in all how meny have i covered so far?..... 1,2,3,4, haveway there oof)